About Me

When I started my career in Human Resources, helping people to achieve their outcomes came naturally to me. So, after getting instant gratification from others and producing results I was hooked to continue in this field and my passion – coaching people and bringing out the best in them.

While working in HR, I worked as a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. This entailed collaborating with a diverse group of people from various cultures, as well as disabled persons and indigenous Australians.

Fast track many years on, moving from Melbourne Australia (yes, I’m native English) to France, I’ve realised the best means to continue helping people is to teach English. And I love what I do because I get to use my HR skills & knowledge coaching people to prepare them for their next interview, CV, developing their professional profile, partnering with them to present their next meeting or presentation, or just practice speaking and get to know the language native speakers use.

Hopefully, we cross paths on the internet someday to enjoy speaking English and make it a fun journey!

Student Satisfaction

1st Quarter 2022: Satisfaction survey results from 95%